Mentor needed for future breeder

Hello All, I am AJ and I have just begun growing my collection. I am planning to start getting into breeding in the next few years cause I want my snakes to grow more naturally. I currently have 3 BP:

1.0 Banana Enchi Pastel
0.1 Pastel POS OD
0.1 Normal

I understand that I don’t have a diverse collection but this is how I am starting. I have tried to do as much research as I can but I am having issues with the genetics and identification.

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Not sure what you mean by grow more naturally…

As to ID looks about right based on photos.

If you are trying to figure out what your potential offspring from those pairings go here:

click on the calculate link and input the Gene’s for each pairing that will give the potential outcomes and percentage chance based on the gene pairings.

I have heard of breeders power feeding to get them up to size. I dont plan to do that at all is what I mean by naturally. I have checked the offspring calculations and I would have trouble determining the morphs of the offspring.

My suggestion? Go one MM and scroll through all the morphs. Each one. Look at the combos and learn the markers that way. That is how I learned how to identify morphs.