Merch from breeders?

Hi all!

So I’ve got some questions about merch. I know we have the wonderful MM store.

However, where do y’all get merch from breeders? I see so many different shirts and stuff, but I’m unclear of where or how to get them. Do they mostly come from shows? Websites?

So, say, I want a shirt from @ghoulishcresties. What would the trick be?

Also, @lumpy i don’t think I put this in the right spot, so feel free to move it. :upside_down_face:

We have a super relaxed dress code this year, and the kids love my reptile themed things, so I’d like to rep some of y’all.

Thanks for the help!

Most of them I see at shows and on websites. Not very many breeders have it so it’s trickier to find if you’re looking for it.

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Breeders do usually sell merch on their own websites or in person at shows from what I’ve seen.

I have my own merch on a website, though I haven’t offered t-shirts/sweatshirts yet as I’m still a fairly small breeder and don’t think the demand would quite be there for such a thing.