Merulanella sp. “Red Diablo”

One of the most beautiful isopods! Hopefully more babies soon.


I actually just saw these a couple weeks ago. Happy they are becoming available in the States :slight_smile:

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Those are so beautiful! :heart_eyes: Could you tell me a bit more about these guys? I’m not a huge isopod person.

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They are definitely amazing. Not sure I have the budget for these guys yet though :slight_smile: Maybe in a couple years when they are only like, $50 each. :slight_smile:

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How much are they now? And by each, do you mean 50 dollars each for each isopod or 50 dollars each for each container of isopods?


Wouldn’t that be a dream…

Nope, these guys are just barely being introduced into the US hobby. I am seeing this species go for about $100 each bug. I really can’t bring myself to purchase them yet… :rofl:

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Man! That’s crazy! How many are in a container normally? So like, how many hundreds or thousands of dollars would you be spending if you bought some?

Normally with these rarer species packs of 5 are most common. That would be $500 like seen on

  • Overnight shipping :slight_smile:
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Hopefully some good isopod breeders start working with these more and bring the price down a bit.


Yep. Most of the time they become pretty inexpensive after a few years of them becoming more common like Zebra isopods did. New mutations of fast-producing species also have the same effect and usually die down within 2 years or so… Although, some slower-breeding species do tend to stay up in price no matter what so it will be cool to see. :slight_smile:

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I believe in order to maintain a balance in the isopod hobby there does need to be the common/inexpensive species, but for the rare species to also stay a bit more expensive. Just the way it is :slight_smile:

If the price goes down in the future and it’s easier to acquire these, then I may get some, but for now, I’m gonna leave these for the more experienced and dedicated isopod breeders. I don’t want to take way from the market or get some isopods that could have gone to someone that would be able to produce a lot of them.

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I agree. I also don’t feel ready for a super huge investment like this with the very high chance I would miss a key requirement for their care. :slight_smile: Would be nice to have some of these in the future once there is more info on them though. :slight_smile:

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