Message removal! [1164]

I would really like it if there could be a way to delete the messages that I don’t need anymore. Like for instance, I messaged NERD about one of their snakes being listed twice. They fixed it and said thanks, but now I just have that message stream sitting there and I don’t need it, and it makes finding other messages harder.


I believe I made a similar suggestion before, so yes definitely agree! I have a LOT of inquires that have simply gone nowhere — I’d like to be able to delete or even just archive them so they’re hidden.


I wish there was a way to delete messages off of the community too, gets a little crowded after a while

@john Flagging you in here

Stay tuned. We have a total revamp of the messages page planned in the next few months, and it will include the ability to archive messages!


@john That sounds awesome, really love the website and don’t want to sound like im complaining, but could we look into being able to display more messages too? Sometimes, I have 10+ purchases pending and i haft to jump from page to page to find messages to get back in touch with the sellers. Thank you in advance for all the hard work you put in on this site, like I said, its awesome.


Or maybe a way to mark messages like ‘purchased’ or ‘pending’ or ‘waiting for shipping’

Same thing with the liked items page, could it potentially have a way to mark the snakes that I have already messaged someone about and strain them out of the stuff that I still desire to purchase. I like to print out the liked items page and take it with me to FedEx so I can use it like a check list when I get shipments.


Yes I like all of those ideas.

I am hoping our design will be an “infinite scroll” much like FB messenger, so no pagination and more per page.

I also want to do what you’re saying – tag stuff as purchased, but it may not be in the next go-round.


that sounds fantastic. Thank you!!

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