Messages now has attachments!

We’ve just added attachment support to the Messenger! This is such a crucial feature and the new Messenger really wasn’t complete until now.

There are actually two parts to this feature:

  1. Messages with attachments that originate from email will now show up in the Messenger. Just click to open them as shown above.
  2. You can add attachments in the messenger itself using the paperclip button shown above.

Attachments in email will continue to work just as they did before. For those of you who exclusively use email for communications, we hope you will now consider using the Messenger more often. This will give you access to powerful features such as the “Quick Actions” to decline messages or mark them as already responded to as well as other upcoming features.

Because attachments can sometimes contain sensitive information, we implemented have secured them with Signed URLs. Whenever you click or touch one of the links in your messenger, a special link is generated which can be used to view or download the content in the cloud for 20 minutes. After the link expires, you’d need to use the Messenger again to access the file. 99% of the time you won’t need to think about this, but we didn’t want anyone to be confused if they tried to view a link after it had expired.

One last note: In the app, there is a bug that occurs when a notification shows up at the top of the screen pushing content off the bottom of the screen, such as the Messenger reply bar. We are working to fix this, but for now, just click “okay” or whatever button is on the notification to clear it and the problem will go away.


I have been waiting for this so long! It is going to make buying boas so easy! I love this!


This has made me very happy too! :sweat_smile:
Such a big step, loving it all!


It is wonderful when our platform gets big groundbreaking updates like this!


This is a cool and helpful option.