Methylene Blue for fungus/mold prevention during incubation?

Is anyone familiar with Methylene Blue for fungus/mold prevention during incubation methods where water is being used?

Igloo cooler methods like Reach Out Reptiles or
S.I.M containers with water…

Any input is appreciated
Thanks in advance

methylene blue has been used for many years in fish tanks for treating fish with fungal infections and used in helped prevent fish eggs from developing mold. Only problem is it has been shown to have issues with birth defects in fish when used on eggs. Personally i don’t know of anyone who has used this incubating snake eggs but with the issues it causes with fish eggs, i would not risk it.


Appreciate your input

I recently ran across it being suggested on a FB post by the originator of the Paint gene, where the individual mentioned they added it to the water(correct ratios) & used it for years.
Was wondering if anyone else used it as a mold preventative.
100% agree with you, if it causes birth defects it’s not worth the risk.

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When I incubate eggs I keep springtails in there to keep the mold off. It might not help a lot but if there were enough springtails I think they could reduce the mold.

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