Mexico Region

Mexico has an exploding reptile industry, and we are excited to announce its addition to MorphMarket to help advance their industry.

This is the first entirely new region we have added since 2017. While we did recently add full region support for Canada and the UK, technically these areas were already serviced under other regions.

Being a region provides location support for our features such as the ability to browse and search animals, find breeders, and events.

Mexican breeders can now sign up to list animals. We are requiring proof during approval of PIMVS breeder registration number as is needed in Mexico to sell animals.

As in the US, we provide options for listings several animals for free, but memberships provide many benefits including listing in the breeder directory. Since Mexico is a new region, we are giving a 50% discount for 6 months when the discount code VIVA-MEXICO is shared during your approval process.

Many thanks to Miguel Garcia and Hector De Leo Lopez for helping with this project.