Mice and Rats--talk to me about feeding

So my boy is eating frozen/thawed mice and feeds like a champ. He’s about 170g and I’m thinking about switching him to rats. Most things I’ve read make it sound as if rats are a better/healthier choice and I’m thinking at some point I have to anyways (like when he’s an adult).

I’m also wondering sizing…he’s on adult mice and could stand to go a tad bigger. Would that be rat pups or…I donno. I’d love to hear other’s thoughts.

At that size he would be able to safely eat rat pup or possibly weaned rat but I would stick to the safe side and just try rat pups. Mice and rats actually have about the same fat and protein content percentage but if you just feed mice they wont eat as heavy of a meal so technically to meet the same as a snake that eats rats you would need to feed three to four mice to be the equivalent of a small to medium rat. In the long run it is just more ethical and efficient to feed rats and they will grow faster anyway.

Not healthier or better gram per gram it’s all the same the difference is 1 vs multiple preys when it comes to feeding once your snake reaches a certain size.

So it is a matter of convinience and cost.

As for size a rat pup equals an adult mouse, for a jumbo mouse you are looking at a weaned rat.

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At some point I saw a chart floating around that had females and males broken down by size and how many rats to feed/mice and how often. If someone has that that would be helpful!

This one?


yes thank you so much!