Milben Bekämpfung

Guten Morgen ich wollte fragen ob ihr wisst wo ich diese Insekten strip’s bekomm

Guten Morgen. Entschuldigung, wenn dies schlecht übersetzt ist, ich bin nicht fließend.

Welches Insekt suchen Sie besonders?

Ich weiß, dass @john versucht hat, eine Insektenkategorie zu erstellen, aber ich bin nicht sicher, ob sie fertig ist.

Major invert categories?

Hallo ich suche was was mir hilft die Milben von meinen schlangen zu bekommen

Entschuldigung, ich habe es völlig falsch verstanden.
hier ein video von Emily bei Snake Discovery:

Es ist auf Englisch, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass es dafür deutsche untertitel gibt.

I don’t know what this is about, but given the comments about inverts and mites, I doubt it belongs in MM Support. @eaglereptiles can you translate the topic here? (Chrome for some reason won’t translate this for me).

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@john Ah, no I misunderstood at first and though the question was about where to buy insects, but it was regarding insects on their snake,… “mites”.


bassgefickt - " Good morning i wanted to ask if you know where i can get these insect ‘strip’s’ "

Me - “Good Morning. Sorry if this is poorly translated i am not fluent.
Which insect are you looking for in particular?
I know @john tried to create an insect category, but I’m not sure if it’s done.
Major invert categories?”

bassgefickt - “Hello I’m looking for what helps me to get the mites from my snakes”

Me - " Sorry, I completely misunderstood.
here is a video from Emily at Snake Discovery:

How to Treat Snake Mites link

It’s in English, but I’m sure there are German subtitles for it."

I’m not sure which snake it is but I’ve moved it to ball python for now as that’s the most likely :blush:


Compliment on your German writing :smiley:. I live only 15 minutes from German border, can speak and read German but writing is Hard … with a capital H.

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I won’t lie, I used Google translate to make sure I spelt everything correctly, I can barely spell in English at the best of times :joy:.

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