Milk snake morphology?

So, I’m having a difficult time finding any reliable info on milk snake morphs and breeding. My son was given a year old female pueblen milk snake. We would like to breed her, but not sure how all the morphs work. I breed ball pythons and am familiar with their morphology. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Milk snake morphs are similar to ball pythons. Different subspecies should not be crossed (for example pueblan x honduran). Most morphs are polymorphic with some recessive morphs like albino and anery (morphs can be viewed here). There is a calculator for morphs here.

Thanks! Good to know about not crossing subspecies.


Technically you could do it but it’s not great for a beginner due to the challenge of selling them, being able to breed them, keeping the eggs and hatchlings alive, etc.

I recommend having a larger amount of experience with a species before you try to breed it. Especially since milk snakes are actually a type of king snake, and have a higher chance of eating each other. Not sure if you are aware of this, but a female milk snake needs to be 4 years old before she is bred.

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Thank you!!