Mimosa X Lemonblast Clutch

Here are a few photos of the clutch from the Mimosa X Lemonblast. I’m not 100% sure what some of these are. Ended up with pretty good odds.

I think this one could be the lemonblast champ, but not sure

Not sure what this one is, Pastel Champagne?

Another one Im not 100% sure on, thinking Pastel Champagne.

Im pretty sure this one is a Pastel Champagne.

This is the same one as above. Anyone else have grumpy champs? Everyone of them from this clutch are horrible. Meanest babies Ive every produced.

This is a Pinstripe Champagne

Another Pinstripe Champagne

And another Pinstripe Champagne

Here is a nice Lemonblast

Then gotta have a normal.

They are all Het Orange Ghost, so thats a plus. There may be a female or two I’ll be keeping back to go to a GHI Mojave Het OG. But have to wait and see I guess.


They are stunning ! The mean ones are always the best though lol. Usually means they will be great feeders. Nothing worse though than sticking a hand in the tub trying to separate them after a first shed, and it looks like a bunch of baby piranhas flying out :sob::sob::sob::joy::joy::joy:


They were not bad after first shed. Soon as I put them in their own tubs. They got attitudes. All but one has eaten. Most have taken two or three meals no… But I have one super pissy one, either the third or fourth one down… Shes just horrible, meanest ball python I’ve ever had. Tonight when I was taking photos. She was the one that caused me to bleed the most. The little lemonblast female is nice and calm, and the normal isnt to bad. But the rest are crazy… Its odd that the ones with champagne in them are super pissy.

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