Minnie Ball clutch 2

We (Ectothermic Dungeon) are about 30 days away from our Minnie Ball (pastel enchi leopard ivory 66% pied) Clutch. We produced one crazy girl last year. Pic below. Let’s see if we can swing this again!!!

Once they pip we will cut live on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC9hKLCav6DLQCHc3KaVW0A

Follow us and see what the odds give us.


@reefmanv wow that is a knockout combo! Like neon under aquatic lights.


Thanks Man!! I took this with 5500k fluorescent bulbs.

She’s def a powerhouse and love what the Het Pied does to her pattern and color.


Enchi leopard and ivory just go perfect together, man that is a stunner! Good luck on the clutch!

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Wow!!! Just wow!!!

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Thanks so much!! Got my fingers crossed. But after this clutch…it’s crazy to think of hitting another one.

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The first snake from this clutch has shed. Pastel leopard yellow belly 66% pied.