Misleading seller

Hi, I just bought my first snake from morph market from someone who lied about it’s origins and refused a refund the day after I purchased the snake. He was supposed to actually bring the snake to me
So when i asked to cancel the order because the genetics are not what I thought they were he told me had already bought shipping supplies… odd because he was going to drive. He told me a refund would take 30 days and basically too bad. I acknowledge that I was stupid to just buy the snake, I get that. And I know how annoying it is to ask for a refund, but he took advantage of me not understanding genetics, so by the time I found out it was too late. We then arranged to ship her tomorrow and now he’s changing hia mind to Thursday. I’m getting nervous that I could be getting even more ripped off than I already am. I actually thought I was getting a "worlds first " boa that is also for sale on BHP. I called BHP and they straight up laughed at me and told me that they are MUTTS!!! I’m sure she’s a great snake, but she’s not what i wanted so now I’m not sure if I just wait to get her and try to resell her? I feel bad but I’ve invested a lot of money into this. Besides myself being an idiot, does anybody have any input? I fully plan on leaving a review when this is over.

Extremely frustrating. Thank you for sharing it is a good reminder to everyone to be as careful as possible.
I have not had anything like this happen so other than trying to report this to MM I am not sure what other recourse you have sadly.

What method of payment did you use? Call their customer service and cancel the payment and tell the seller not to ship the snake. Is this not an option?

Yea, if you paid through paypal (even through friends and family) they can refund you.

I’m not sure about Morphmarkets approach to this so you would have to ask @john about exact processes.

Already it sounds like your unhappy so going along with it for the sake of the seller is only going to make that worse.

If the item hasn’t been sent, you are entitled to a refund (depending on how you paid).

As @stewart_reptiles said in a thread a while back, a lot of people just brush it under the carpet as a loss and fall out of love with their own hobby, allowing these scammers to keep on doing what they do. If you feel it is a scam then report it to the police, if they don’t refund you then take them to court. It might be a bit of effort but in the long run you are making YOUR hobby a more approachable and safe environment.

Good luck

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Unfortunately for anyone to really understand this fairly complex situation, they would have a to have a lot more details, to look ad the ad, genetics, and then review claims that were made before the sale. But this isn’t a review forum, so we don’t allow posting the necessary specifics - that needs to be sent to our support email.

We generally let our markets operate freely, but if we can detect someone scamming or being deceitful we will take measures against those user. The brief note this buyer had sent us doesn’t have anywhere near the level of detail we need to review the situation. For example, we have no records on our site about anything being claimed to be a “worlds first”. Perhaps this was verbal, on the phone, or text messages.

As a recourse you should always leave a public rating on our site about the situation. And as others mentioned you can pursue a chargeback.

But at this point I can’t say I really understand the situation well enough to make a judgment on it.