Mites, yuck 🤢

Picked up a boy knowing he had a mite problem in the rack he was in (he’s separated from my other reptiles) which the seller was VERY kind letting me know and everything, I insisted on taking him home since I can deal with mites. Upon pickup I didn’t notice any mites on him but now after having him for 2 weeks, I decided to do more treatment still since I felt a bit suspicious of him having mites so I did a mite bath and…

I’m glad I gave him a bath for real :grimacing: gonna give my other baby BPs baths too that I got from the same seller just in case. On top of that I’m suspicious of one of my girls starting a partho clutch or having something else going on since I found her bowl wrapping and acting crazy defensive and she shed even though it’s hardly been over a month and she’s almost 10 years old. Overall kind of stressed about my collection but I think it’s a handleable situation but some fun stories about other’s situations akin to mine would help through these somewhat trying times for my small collection


I’ve definitely been a victim of mites, though they appeared out of nowhere. I just now remember that I’ve had them. It was a while ago and I really don’t know where they came from. I hadn’t had any newly-purchased snakes for months so none were in quarantine. We thought it may have been the bedding but never found the cause of it. After careful deep cleaning and near daily spray after baths, for around 2 weeks they went away. Just poof they were gone. But I’m sure that you’ll be successful in getting rid of them. I have no advice about your possible partho girl but just wanted to say I’m sure you will take good care of them no matter what! Good luck!


Good luck eliminating the mites. I’ve been over the top careful to avoid them since i started keeping again in 2014. Was cursed with them twice in the old days and they suck so much.

What treatment methods are you using?


We all hate mites here! Separate and quarantine all you think have them. Prevent a mite on the enclosure for multiple weeks and a lot of baths with a little dawn will hopefully clear things up! I had mites once with my corns a long time ago, I put there bins in a huge chest freezer for 3 weeks while I treated them in quarantine! I have a take no prisoners mindset when it comes to mites!! Reading your post I am not so sure your girl will have a partho clutch. I mean for sure she could, but quickly shedding multiple times is a sign of mites as well. Double check her for mites, mine do sometimes bowl wrap for no reason as well. The defensive behavior though may suggest she wants food for building, but just double check. Better to be safe then sorry and all. Good luck killing those little bloodsuckers!!!


Thanks all of you for advice, they’re really gross, not even the fact they’re mites but just that my poor babies have to deal with having mites. Currently it’s just bathing with a bit of Dawn in the water so the edges of the water are a bit bubbly, but as of tonight since earlier is when I bathed him I’m working on removing all of the stuff from cages that could harbor mites and would be hard to clean (plants and porous rocks along with wood that’s rough) and giving them paper towels instead of their usual natural substrate, definitely going to freeze the enclosures they’re in once they’re empty too so I can make sure the tubs themselves are clean without using any cleaners or anything that could leave residue. Otherwise they’re just separated from the bunch and I’m sanitizing my entire arms after so much as touching the racks my three mite infested babies are and I’m trying to avoid contact with them besides their scheduled baths and tub cleanings so I don’t spread them and to not stress out my snakes more than necessary by carrying them around or opening up their racks constantly. Thankfully the rack they’re in is a stackable rack so once one starts clearing up more I can separate all three of them completely


Definitely use prevent a mite on the rack as well, those things love to hide in the seams and corners and can have eggs hatch from there as well. That’s one of the worse things, you get them all off your snake just to have more hatch and then you start all over again!


Ugh, hate to hear that you’ve got mite problems. Grrr:confounded:. It’s going to take time and patience and a whole lotta work to get mite-free, but it can be done and you can do it! @banereptiles is dead right about the need to use miticide on your racks. Cleaning the mites off the snakes themselves, removing the hard to clean items and bedding, freezing the bins - all good. All great, in fact. But if you don’t clean and spray the racks themselves, your mite problem won’t go away.

If I’m reading correctly, there was a gap of two weeks between when you got your “Patient Zero” and the first bath, with no other treatment. Patient Zero was kept separate from most of your collection. You also indicated that you got other snakes from the same seller, though you don’t say when. It’s unclear if they’ve been quarantined. At this point, I would assume that every snake who came from that seller was bearing an unwanted cargo of mites. Every snake. I would also be bathing every snake in my collection, and assuming that they and their homes all have mites unto proven clean. That two-week gap could potentially have allowed the mites to spread. They do it so easily.

Thankfully, mites can be eradicated. We’re cheering for you that you can get it done.


Had um don’t want um again thank you very much! :rage:


This system has kept me safe in quarantine. i don’t usually do the olive oil thing though


Ive got more experience with mites then id like to admit, but with that said. I can offer rhis has advice for treatment opitions that are safe and work very effectively. I dont use rid a mite has it way to toxic and i had a snake die from this product 2 years ago. I use ivermectin mixture with dawn dish soup and i even use ivermectin in my daily cleaner with chloridehexidine just incase. I learned about this on snake discovery on youtube. Look it up she explains the proper measurements to safely use this solution on your animals.