Mock Vipers [p. Pulverulentus]

[Psammodynastes pulverulentus]

From what I can tell their care seems similar to Malagasy cat eyed snakes [ Madagascarophis colubrinus], something I already own.
They don’t seem too widely available though probably due to them having to eat amphibians and lizards. Curious to know if anyone knows of captive breeding projects?

How do I go about finding someone?

Actually not in this case while we do not allow ISO that get very detailed and specific and will not recommend a breeder over another if we are talking about a common species on MM, we do make exceptions for hard to find species and hard to find species in specific geographical area.

Obviously this is not a species easily found and or on MM and therefore this is on of those exceptions.

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Awesome, cause I’ve been struggling lmao
I imagine captive bred wont be an option, which makes me a little curious to possibly attempt it. I was going to with some P. Schokari but my female decided she was hungry instead. I think her feeding responses are a little too good

I’ve decided to stick with Ivory Exotics. They seem very knowledgeable about the species (but i don’t really have much to base that off lmao).
Their care is extremely similar to malagasy cat eyed snakes since they come from such variety of places.
Mid 70s with a warm spot in the mid 80s.
Overall humidity of 60%, I’m also going to offer humidity hides.
They eat lizards, frogs, and apparently some have taken fish.
I’m planning on getting 2 within the next few months, I’ll try to remember to update on here how it goes.
I’d like to document their captive care since it really is nonexistent atm.

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