Modding an existing bookshelf into a small hatchling rack

I bought this cheap little bookshelf for another purpose a few months ago. After it served its temporary purpose, it’s been sitting there unused. I’ve been wanting to build a hatchling rack for baby corns for a while, but was offput by the price of either lumber or PVC. I noticed that my 6 qt bins almost fit perfectly in this shelf. They fit 3 in a row exactly, but they hung over the edge by about an inch and a half.

So my husband and I ended up adding a small section to the back of each shelf that increased the depth by an inch and a half. We also added two additional shelves and permanently installed the existing shelves. We couldn’t get wood that was the exact same width as the original shelves, so it’s not perfectly flush where the new section meets the original shelves, but for a project costing under 50 bucks, I’m okay with that.

It’s definitely a little bit unprofessional looking, but I’m really happy with how it turned out! It holds 15 bins very securely.


It looks very professional!


It looks good and it’s at the back so can hardly notice the difference :+1:


Thanks! And yeah, we figured we’d hide the mismatched piece where it’s less visible.