Modified offspring groups for species with small and frequent clutches

I love the offspring groups, I think they’re a great way to show off your productions! They do work a bit oddly for species with small and frequent clutches through. My crested geckos for example can lay 10+ clutches of 2 a year per female! If I made an offspring group for every clutch it would make my seller profile look cluttered. I would love it if you could have the option for one offspring group per pairing with options for different hatch and lay dates per clutch. It would also be amazing if you could sort for productions from a specific year!


I like this.

Right now, if they come from the same pairing you could always add future clutches to an OG using the Group_Id when creating the animal. The Lay Date and Hatch Date will only show the original dates on the OG page though… which is… what your whole post is about… just ignore me…


That’s what I’ve been doing! I just think it could be improved