Moist hide options

Hello I plan on making a custom hide/terrarium with pink foam board for my BP she is a full grown yellow belly.
My question is as this would be my first moist hide being made what should I use. I have sphagnum moss but as far as the actual hide what have any of you guys used?

I’ve seen people put moss in small tubs with the lid left on. Just make a hole for the snake to climb in.

I put moss around their tank or tub only when they are in shed. Otherwise it can really screw up my humidity. When I notice one of my snakes going into shed I’ll spray the moss and put some inside their hide, and on top/around their hid box.

Tupperware :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a more permanent and natural look the hides from ZooMed with the removable tops usually hold moisture just fine and have a little lip to avoid leaking out.

Agreed a tupperware container with a hole cut in the front is probably your best option.
This way it is to take out and clean if need be, if yours are anything like mine they like to shed and poop all at the same time.

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