Mojave tri-stripe?

Hi guys hoping ppl can give there opinion on this. This was sold to me as a Mojave pos tri-stripe. I think it is a Mojave tri-stripe but never seen a Mojave tri-stripe so cant say for sure. At most it’s a Mojave 100% het tri-stripe. The markers on the head/neck area makes me say tri-stripe plus patterns along sides.not going anywhere lol.


I saw this same exact animal for sale and was hesitant to buy it because I honestly thought it did not look like a visual tri stripe. The side pattern on visual tri stripes is much more defined and the main dorsal stripe is much more consistent then this one. I could be wrong but I would say this is just a het tri stripe because although it is reduced it is not as reduced as visuals I have seen. Nice addition though!


I’m not seeing visual Tri-Stripe in there, my guess is that it’s a het


This is not a TriMojave. The TriStripe is very prominently expressed in the hetBluEL group

From Ozzy:


That’s definitely not a tri stripe imo. But a very nice clean snake!

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Gorgeous snake!

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