Mold in Tarantula enclosure

Tarantula enclosure has increasingly bad mold, its not overly watered and has a culture of springtials to help prevent and yet theres even more mold every time we check it. Any helpers?


Can we get a photo to see the mold? What type of substrate are you using?


@nattefrost Yes definitely pictures of are needed to figure out why you are having this problem. :pray:


Pictures would definitely help, to know what it looks like and how bad it is.

How old is the enclosure? It’s possible you might just need to add more springtails. Depending on how bad it is and what species of tarantula you’re keeping, you might just be able to let it dry out. Mold usually dies off if the environment gets too dry. Though if the mold is really bad and/or if it’s a moisture-dependent tarantula, you might just need to redo the enclosure with fresh substrate.


Late reply i apologise but my partner has been extremely lazy. Here are some pictures. The third is some new mold that grew

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