Monitor Lizard traits - Category upgrade!

In preparation to promote Monitor Lizards to a top level category, we need to build a trait list for the genes and combos.

For each of these, we need to know what kind of gene it is (recessive/incdom/dom) OR what combination of genes represent it.

Also any hyribs that are know to be both viable and non-viable.

Please add anything that is missing or correct me where I am wrong.

If you know anyone that work with Monitor Lizards, send them a link to this thread and ask them to help out.

V. bengalensis, Bengal monitor
V. dumerilii, Dumeril’s monitor, brown roughneck monitor
V. flavescens, golden monitor, yellow monitor, short-toed monitor
V. nebulosus, clouded monitor
V. rudicollis, black roughneck monitor

V. bennetti, Bennett’s long-tailed monitor
V. caerulivirens, turquoise monitor
V. cerambonensis, Ceram monitor
V. colei Kei Islands monitor
V. doreanus, blue-tailed monitor
V. douarrha, New Ireland monitor
V. finschi, Finsch’s monitor
V. indicus, mangrove monitor
V. jobiensis, peach-throated monitor
V. juxtindicus, Rennell Island monitor
V. melinus, quince monitor
V. lirungensis, Talaud mangrove monitor
V. obor, sago monitor
V. rainerguentheri Rainer Günther’s monitor
V. semotus, Mussau Island blue-tailed monitor
V. tsukamotoi, Mariana monitor
V. yuwonoi black-backed mangrove monitor, tricolor monitor
V. zugorum, silver monitor, Zug’s monitor

“V. a. acanthurus, spiny-tailed monitor, ““ackies”” (red & yellow)”
V. a. brachyurus, common spiny-tailed monitor
V. a. insulanicus, island spiny-tailed monitor
V. auffenbergi, Auffenberg’s monitor, peacock monitor
V. baritji, White’s dwarf monitor, black-spotted ridge-tailed monitor, lemon-throated monitor
V. brevicauda, short-tailed monitor
V. bushi, Pilbara stripe-tailed monitor, Bush’s monitor
V. caudolineatus, stripe-tailed monitor
V. eremius, rusty desert monitor, pygmy desert monitor
V. gilleni, pygmy mulga monitor
V. glauerti, Kimberley rock monitor
V. glebopalma, twilight monitor, black-palmed rock monitor
V. hamersleyensis, Hamersley Range rock monitor
V. kingorum, Kings’ rock monitor
V. mitchelli, Mitchell’s water monitor
V. pilbarensis, Pilbara rock monitor
V. primordius northern ridge-tailed monitor
V. scalaris, banded tree monitor
V. semiremex rusty monitor
V. similis, Similis monitor, spotted tree monitor
V. sparnus, Dampier Peninsula monitor
V. s. storri, eastern Storr’s monitor
V. s. ocreatus, western Storr’s monitor
V. timorensis, Timor monitor
V. t. tristis, black-headed monitor
V. t. orientalis, freckled monitor

V. salvadorii, crocodile monitor

V. bitatawa, northern Sierra Madre forest monitor, butikaw, bitatawa
V. mabitang, Panay monitor, mabitang
V. olivaceus, Gray’s monitor, butaan

V. a. albigularis, white-throated monitor
V. a. angolensis, Angolan monitor
V. a. microstictus, black-throated monitor
V. exanthematicus, savannah monitor, Bosc’s monitor (has hypo rec morph)
V. niloticus, Nile monitor
V. stellatus, West African Nile monitor
V. ornatus, ornate monitor
V. yemenensis, Yemen monitor

V. g. griseus, desert monitor, grey monitor
V. g. caspius, Caspian monitor
V. g. koniecznyi, Indian desert monitor, Thar desert monitor

V. spinulosus, spiny-necked mangrove monitor, Solomon Islands spiny monitor

V. beccarii, black tree monitor
V. boehmei, golden-spotted tree monitor
V. bogerti, Bogert’s monitor
V. keithhornei, canopy goanna, blue-nosed tree monitor, Nesbit River monitor
V. kordensis, Biak tree monitor
V. macraei, blue-spotted tree monitor
V. prasinus, emerald tree monitor
V. reisingeri, yellow tree monitor
V. telenesetes, mysterious tree monitor, Rossell tree monitor

V. giganteus, perentie
V. gouldii, Gould’s monitor, sand monitor, sand goanna
V. mertensi, Mertens’ monitor
V. p. panoptes, Argus monitor
V. p. horni, Horn’s monitor
V. p. rubidus, yellow-spotted monitor
V. rosenbergi, Rosenberg’s monitor, heath monitor
V. spenceri, Spencer’s monitor
V. varius, lace monitor (Super Bell dom morph)
V. komodoensis, Komodo dragon

V. bangonorum, Bangon monitor
V. cumingi, Cuming’s water monitor, yellow-headed water monitor
V. dalubhasa, Enteng’s monitor
V. marmoratus, marbled water monitor, Philippine water monitor
V. nuchalis large-scaled water monitor
V. palawanensis, Palawan water monitor
V. rasmusseni, Rasmussen’s water monitor
V. s. salvator, Sri Lankan water monitor
V. s. andamanensis, Andaman water monitor
V. s. bivittatus, two-striped water monitor, Javan water monitor
V. s. macromaculatus, Southeast Asian water monitor (has albino T+ & T- morphs)
V. s. ziegleri, Ziegler’s water monitor
V. samarensis, Samar water monitor
V. togianus, Togian water monitor
Celebensis water Monitors ( Hypo rec morph)
(black dragon is a recessive gene of one of these???)

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