Monsoon RS400 - should I buy one?

Still freaking out over my new baby nile monitor. And YES, I should have had the tank working before I got the lizard.

So I just thought this might be a good place to ask if a Monsoon RS400 would be the thing to buy? I live in a VERY arid country, and the humidity is staying about 30% in tank. I am going to change the substrate tomorrow, but am wondering if, with summer coming, I should go ahead and get a mister. Just wonder if folks have a better model in mind or if this one is good? Thank you.

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Most people I know tend to favour MistKings. Easier to replace individual parts and the mist is finer than the Monsoon


I would agree with @elementalherps because I have no experience with a misters because I live in South Florida. I do trust @elementalherps opinion though.