Moonlight/Lunar Cycle Breeding Behavior?

Do full moon phases affect ball python breeding behavior? Similar to weather changes…
Thanks for your insight in advance


I don’t know. But I do know it effects humans and many animals breeding cycles, so why not snakes?.
But not just the phase, its also the gravitational influence of the sun and moon pulling either together or apart it seems. So it seems to me.
There is lots of evidence that the moon phase affects plants and the breeding cycles in many animals and there is also the similar human female menstrual cycle length matched to the moons cycle length.
Whats weird is how the study below indicates it affects our sleep too .
there is so much we dont know about how the moon affects us. More study is needed., but Binary planets like ours are pretty unique and so must be relevant to life and the affects they seem to have on life.


However I find following this has a greater affect in stimulating breeding.


@ascended Appreciate your insight and definitely going to check out the videos.
Haven’t ran across the topic within the community and wonder did anyone notice differences in breeding behavior during full or new moons…


Its something I will now be looking out for, thanks for getting me to think about it

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