More Analytics [#539]

I was wondering if we could addd “likes” and “saves” to the analytics. That would almost tell me/us more than impressions and clicks as it now tracks those who might seriously be interested. I know I always save an animal that I want and might get if I can find the money, room, etc for. I have ended up buying the majority of animals I have saved. A few I would up not getting or got sold before I could. In short, I feel this would be a valuable addition to the analytics. Thanks


I am not discounting your request, but i can say that i use likes and saves a bit differently than you haha, i like and save various animals i consider producing a similar animal too, keep track of the prices, and use the saved feature to see if they sell and how quickly they move at what prices. If anyone else is doing the same as me, the feature may not work as you intend haha. Doesnt mean it cant happen though!

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Likes already has a public counter under the ad image…

Although having both of these on the analytics page would be nice… I’ll add your vote to our spreadsheet!

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Does the seller get to see how many saves are on an individual post? Maybe that should be only for sellers, but if buyers knew how many people had saved it maybe that will encourage people to jump on good deals sooner than later.