More Cypress!/ Black light Pics for ID Suggestions

Pairing was Cypress Mojave Spider YB Het Ghost X Pastel Super Stripe. The almost all white one has me stumped, even under a black light. But here’s some pictures of the whole clutch as well as black light photos of the two more white snakes. Any input is appreciated!


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This is the Ivory with clear spider markings. But not sure if it’s just spider.

This is the nearly white snake

FYI sorry for all the comments. I accidentally posted the feed before I uploaded the pictures, and then I couldn’t figure out how to edit the post…:slight_smile:

The all white one is most likely a Ivory Mojave Pastel (possible Cypress, possible Spider)

I have an Ivory Butter OrangeDream Pastel and an Ivory Butter Pastel and both of them were white animals


Thanks for the input. I hear they just get more white the more genes they have, so it makes sense.

I think all of those patterned snakes are cypress. I can’t be 100% on the pastel and spiders, but I’ve hatched dozens of them.


amazing animals and pictures! what background or setup did you use to take these high quality bright pictures? thanks.

Are you saying on the super stripes as well? I thought the brighter one for sure. Thanks for the input

I use this one and an iPhone X a majority of them time. I use my sony a6000 off and on. But with LED lighting most phones do a pretty good job.

Before I bought that photo box, I made one out of a shipping box and lined it with white poster board. There’s how to’s all over the internet.

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No, not sure on those! Sorry!