More info on Sugar

Has anyone noticed, or can confirm that sugar Does something to the head stamp? I produced a silverstreak clown this year that I I think is sugar. It’s kinda hard to tell really with the sides. But unlike his father, and the other silverstreak streak clown that’s posted, this one has gotten a head stamp. So it’s risen my curiosity since I can’t find to much on the topic.


I don’t know if sugars get head stamps regularly, but I do know clowns can have the most variable heads. Between normal clowns there are so many differences in the top of the head, I don’t know if you could count on different head stamp= sugar. Maybe post the other silver streak clown as well, see if anyone with more experience can see sugar, or a definite difference between the two that would suggest sugar in this one. Beautiful snake though!


Photo of dad at when he was around the same age
The other one is on Royal constriction designs page.