“More like this” function [5707]

Did this function get changed? Used to when browsing ball pythons, and I clicked that option, it would filter listings by the tagged traits. It looks like it’s now doing keywords, but not keywords for the full genes?

See example below. Ghost anaconda Hognose (Evan’s hypo, anaconda, axanthic) selecting “more like this” goes on to show a search for “keywords:Evan’s hypo axanthic”. This can’t be right, can it? You aren’t going to find the right snakes if so. If someone has one titled as ghost, it isn’t going to show up. Or if they don’t include every gene in the title, it won’t show up.


Interestingly enough, it works still for ball pythons, so am I wrong in thinking it shouldn’t work the same for hognoses?


This is a bug… nice catch @nswilkerson1

Thank you!

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