More Organization in Messaging System

Made a second topic to keep things more precise.

Messaging System

The messaging system is rather simplistic, but I think some improvements can be made.

Editing: I’d like to be able to edit messages. Sometimes I forget to add something, or I make a typo.
To prevent any scamming issues to arise from this, I would recommend either:

  • Having a time limit on the edit feature, so you can’t edit the messages after a set amount of time (like 24 hours)
  • Messages can’t be edited after the animal is marked as sold, whether or not the animal was sold to them
  • Archiving the originals and the edits so that moderators can go back and see what was edited, in case either the buyer or seller tries to falsify messages

Archiving/Deleting Threads:
An option that would allow users to archive messages — which hides them from view, but also allows them to go back and look at them if needed.

Deleting would just remove the messages on the users’ end altogether, though the other user would still be able to see the message thread unless deleted.

An auto delete and/or auto archive option for closed threads would also be useful.