More Ultramel Clowns!

The ultramel clown project is off to a great start in 2019! Looks like at least two in the clutch that started pipping this morning. More clutches in the incubator and still to be laid from this same genetic pairing (ultramel clown x double het)!


I love ultramel and with clown it looks way better than I expected!

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@marcial welcome to the group. Exceptional Ultra CLowns!!! What a great project

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One word: SEXY :heart_eyes:

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:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire_engine:

Stunning! What a beautiful sight! :heart_eyes:


So, it looks like there’s actually FOUR ultraclowns in this clutch! That beats last years total production (from 4 clutches) by one! Best part is that I still have multiple clutches to go… this is only the first one! We’ll see if the odds even out… I hope not!


Amazing! Do you have a pic of the breeder male?

This is him… I produced him in 2016.


Posted him below… :slight_smile:

Absolutely beautiful! Great work! The sire looks like he has aged great too, love the deep purple on these guys :+1:

Very nice! Definitely a combo I’ll be working on down the line :+1:

got this beauty from you she is doing great!


Wow… looking good! Hope I make a few more this season.

Omg he’s gorgeous!!! I want to hug him!

Thanks! It’s nice when they don’t dull out with age… :wink:

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These are absolutely incredible! Congrats, brother!

Absolutely stunning! Great to see. My favourite recessive right now for sure.