Morph? Black pastel?

Dear interwebs Gods of morphology, I humbly seek thine wisdom. Here are two more ball pythons I picked up as a group deal. Previous owner said one was black pastel het yellow belly and the other was GHI het orange dream. Ok, so I know both those jets are not even possible, but I’m not too sure on the black pastel. I think both could be. The nice thing is, one is male and one female, and they’ve locked several times. I will post four pictures of the female first, then the male.

Looks to be a Normal.


I’m not seeing black pastel at all, looks normal/wild type to me


Thanks! I thought that was a possibility. I appreciate the input as always!!


The first visual cue I look for in Black Pastel is a " hollowing out " of the alien head eyes. They are enlarged in size and are very dark, blacker than black. My female Black Pastel I just got is a Champagne, a pattern less snake, but she is three shades of brown with a head stamp so I’m confident in the Black Pastel. I also just learned that some breeders I know have stopped trying to produce Super Black Pastels because of the high incidence in hatchling defects such as spinal kinking and head deformities like cleft pallet and duck billing. Same with Super Cinnamons.

Thank you for the info on that, I appreciate it!

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