Morph breeding questions

I just purchased two female leopard geckos and I’m trying to find a male that would give some cool offspring when paired with either of them. The first one is a High Contrast Tangerine Tremper Albino het Eclipse, the second female is a White and Yellow Mack Snow Bell Albino possible het Eclipse. One question I had is can you breed any albino (tremper, bell, rainwater) and still get albinos, or are they completley seperate morphs. Also, is White and Yellow genetic, or is it just a color characteristic? These will first and foremost be pets, but I do plan to breed them as well. I found a male White and Yellow Super Radar that I was thinking about purchasing

The different lines of albino are not compatible and will not produce albinos when bred to each other. As a result, you’ll probably have to get two different males for your females. White & Yellow is a dominant gene. The White & Yellow Super Radar would be a great choice for your second female. Your first female would do best with a Raptor combo.


Thank you, that was very helpful! If I understand correctly, Raptor is Tremper Albino and Eclipse?

Yes, that is correct.

When looking for males to pair with the tangerine Tremper het eclipse, I was plugging genes into the morph calculator. The Male I was using was a Tremper Albino Tug Snow Enigma Eclipse. Even though my female does not have tug snow or Enigma, according to the calculator I could end up with an Enigma tug snow tremper albino eclipse pos tangerine. Are certain genes like tug snow and enigma only needed in one parent to pass on a visual representation to the offspring? I do know the risks of the engima gene and will be staying away from anything with enigma, I was just messing with it and was curious.

Tug Snow and Enigma are both dominant, so you only need one parent with the gene to produce offspring with the gene.

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