Morph help - Leopard Gecko

#1 ^^^

#2 ^^^

I’d like to know your thoughts😉 #2 has whitish eyes with red lines. Thanks!

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The first one is a super hypo baldy pos high yellow pos carrot tail. The second one is an albino. You won’t know which line of albino without test breeding or lineage information.


If I were to test breed what would you pair him with? @erie-herps

If he’s going to be a pet he shouldn’t necessarily be bred unless you were curious on the strain. Just because an animal can be bred doesn’t mean it should. All of the offspring would have to be pet only animals. Otherwise they would muddy up the gene pool. If you really want to test breed him to find the strain I would pair him with a tremper albino, if the offspring look normal then he’s not a tremper (and the offspring should be sold as pets only). If you get visual albino offspring then he is a tremper (and the offspring can be sold as breeders). If he’s not a tremper pair him with a rainwater next and repeat the process.


Yikes, you came off kind of rude with your “first of all” it was just a question… I have bred leopard geckos only (SHTCTB’s) and I’m just trying to figure out how I would prove that he is what he looks like (wasn’t sure what I’d need to pair him with.) Back to leaving the thread for awhile. Thanks for your response anyhow.

Looking back on that it was kind of rude. I’m sorry that it came across that way. What I meant was that if he was mostly a pet I wouldn’t recommend breeding him since all of the offspring would be low demand since they would be pet-only unless you picked the right strain first. If you were planning to breed him in the future and/or you really wanted to know what strain it was you could test breed him.