Morph help please please please

We just got these three pretty babies and have no clue what there parents are or what kind of morph they are if anyone can tell us it would be extremly helpful…thank you


Have to do some better pics to be sure, try to get whole body at a top down view in natural sunlight, but looking at those I could guess: top fire, middle hard to tell pastel, Mojave? Bottom lesser? Could be way off hard to see good.

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i was on another reptile forums site and the said that the bottom was a lesse and the middle was a pastel het pied u will have to wait for me to get some better pics as the first two are currently in shed thoes were the best pics i had

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Without knowing that one of the parents is pied, you won’t be able to determine the snake to be het pied for sure without breeding.


Without knowing genetics that the snakes come from, I wouldn’t just automatically say by that picture that it is a het pied. Some argue you can tell hets visually, but that doesn’t exactly follow the definition of what a recessive gene is.


Hey you guys gary our male has finnaly gotten out of shed so I have a better picture of him I hope this is good enough Thank You!!

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