Morph helppppp?

seen this at petco , i’m new to the crested community, is this a rare morph ? how much you think he is , i know petco doesn’t sell good stuff so i’m confused if it’s good and how much he is

I doubt you will find a rare morph of anything at Petco or Petsmart or any other big box store. That’s a cute little gecko though. I don’t know gecko morphs myself but someone else will hopefully identify this little guy.

As far as price goes it should be displayed somewhere on his enclosure at the store. Or are you wanting a value based on what morph he is? Do you have breeding plans?

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yah i’m new to the crested community, it’s not rare at all lmao you’re right

Need better pics than that of side and dorsal.

Could be a harlequin pin, or a partial pin… could be a tri…

I’m thinking harlequin pinstripe but as said, would need better pics. It’s common and not rare.

I wouldn’t think it would be too high as appears to have small head structure, but could just be the pics.

I’m extremely concerned as to what this gecko has in its food bowl!

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I think that’s the dust stuff from cricket tub :blush:

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