Morph ID - Banana, wondering if anything else present visually


I have very recently taken interest in Royal Pythons (also hi, only just found this community!), and in particular I love the banana morph so ended up with this male.

Unsure of anything else that might be present or if just Banana? He was being very explorative when I took the outside pictures but took a few, hope they are good enough.

Any ideas? Thank you :slight_smile:


Looks like a single gene Banana to me. Is there any specific reason you believe it to be carrying anything else?


Not really, other than that I’m totally new to identifying morphs so i’m trying to get a feel for anything that I might question, and my partner whom has a bit more experience with royals, wasn’t entirely sure either.

Figured it was worth posting, as a newbie it’s like a whirlpool trying to fit all of these ID factors into my head! I guess time and experience will help with that though :slight_smile:


Time and experience will definitely help :grin:

As a general rule of thumb, it is very unlikely a breeder will sell an animal as being less than advertised (unless they are dealing with an incredibly difficult combo) so if you buy an animal it will be exactly what it was labeled as and nothing more :+1:t4:


I saw a post that showed head stamps and claimed the brown lines next to the eye stripes and broken pattern were indications of pastel gene. It also reduces the amount of black spots they get. I’m no expert, but he looks banana pastel to me :thinking:
He’s a beautiful snake :smile:


He is definitely banana pastel. Pattern, color, and head fading are easy tells.


Definitely pastel banana. He’s nearly identical to mine


Beautiful snake. Morph really looks like a pastel banana

This is my normal banana male baby you can see a big difference with yours.

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