Morph id? big girl thought was a normal

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was given to me buy a friend, shes an old girl and was a pet.
at first i thought she was just a normal, but is that pattern enchi?

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Hey one of you images didn’t finish loading lol.

Looks normals… banding isn’t the only indication of Enchi… the eye stripes in this case say no Enchi. The banding should be much thicker like this

I’m far from an expert but I don’t see any enchi.


kinda glad shes a normal as i can move her out and make room for some other projects.
i have a few enchis in my collection, tho what is this eye stripe?

The eye stripes on the side of the head… Enchi has a thicker light colored stripe compared to a normal.

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Normals can come in all different variables and degrees. I’d say she’s a big chunky normal :slight_smile:

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What a fantastic Normal though! I wouldn’t be surprised if you can ask slightly more for her than more typical specimens, just because she’s so pretty.

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thank you! the pics make her look so small. but she is by far the largest ball python in my collection.
got 11 eggs from her last season sadly none were viable.