Morph ID has me flustered


What was the pairing? That would help us ID it. Either way it’s gorgeous!

Absolutely no clue fellow didnt know what he had and i thought it was stunning and very interesting so i scooped it up.

That thing is wild. Looks like a super stripe combo with maybe leopard. But very hard to know with out knowing the pairing

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At the very least it’s a pastel leopard. I’m leaning toward firefly leopard with an extra gene, perhaps lesser? Knowing the pairing would certainly help though.


I know. I got several snakes from this guy. He was pretty good at throwing stuff together…or just getting lucky but kept NO track of ANYTHING and he had already gotten rid of all but a couple of his adults so i couldnt play the match making game. It sucks

I hear ya, it’s irritating for sure, especially if you want to sell him/her without first proving her out. At the very least it’s a great looking snake.

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To me the side pattern and dorsal striping look like they could be super stripe or super specter, but if so, there’s more going on… the colors are fairly dark and the stripes are thickened up. The spotting in the dorsal pattern makes me think leopard, maybe? Very interesting, nice find. I’d have a lot of fun trying to prove out what she is.

Well where would you start? Lol everything i look up or people have suggested i look up i cant seem to find anything even close. My mind is boggled at this point im just like wtf

I’m still browsing around looking for something similar. Here’s an example of a leopard super stripe.

It doesn’t look as similar as I expected, so I would probably rule that out. Leopard super stripe seems to have a much more broken stripe, different side patterns, more distinct head stamp, and different color.

Dorsal striping can appear in any morph, which makes this tricky to ID. But you see it a lot more often in certain morphs and combos: YB complex, BEL complex, pinstripe, G Stripe and Tri Stripe. I’d bet at least one of those is involved, but I’m having a hard time figuring out which one it might be.

My leopard superstripe guess was without googling an image. Seeing one I’m inclined to agree that isn’t one. I doubt it a tri stripe these are very high dollar. I would still lean towards a superstripe combo it doesn’t look g stripe to me.

Looks like a firefly leopard to me. Superstripe combos keep decent color as they age. This guy really didn’t

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Dont rule out the tri-stripe just yet lol i bought 2 of them from him @saleengrinch