Morph ID Help - Black Pastel & YB

Hi all. Need a quick sanity check on this BP. Pairing was Black Pastel het Pied X YB. There were seven eggs in the clutch. The Black Pastels, YBs, and lone Normal were easy to ID. I’m just looking for some more eyes on this one before he goes to the inventory. I believe this guy is both Black Pastel and YB. Thoughts?



I’m going to say no yellowbelly you have any belly pictures? From this picture looks like has belly pattern.

tried it in natural light this time. He doesn’t look like a normal and he doesnt look like the black pastel sib either.


In my opinion, he is YB. I believe it may have caught the het Pied and that is influencing the pattern but it is not distorted enough for Black Pastel.

I would say no… yb creates a more pixilated look to the edging and the don’t have pattern on the belly.
This is a Fire HGW YB i produced… you can see the pixilation along the edging and the clean belly.\


Definitely a cleaner belly on that one. Mine is dirtier for sure. From the replies I’m reading, it sounds like I’m just going to have to hold these two back and do some test pairings.

I agree I don’t think it’s yellowbelly. Het pied isn’t going to create a belly pattern when yellowbelly is present. Honestly I don’t think it’s black pastel either.

You think its just a weird looking normal?

I definitely think there’s something there, it’s very reminiscent of some morph that for some reason is escaping my brain. But I don’t think it’s a black pastel either

Do you have pictures of the parents?

I do. I can post them later today. I am 100% that the dam is YB because she has produced an Ivory for me in the past.

First, here is the dam. Purchased from Albey Scholl as a YB.

I bred her to a Pastel YB and produced an Ivory. So confirmed YB:

Here is the Sire. Black Pastel het Pied. Produced by me by breeding Pied to Black Pastel. Both animals still in my collection.

Thanks guys


I’m going to say pos het pied is what I would label it as. But that’s my opinion could be wrong!

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Pretty far from what I originally thought this might be, but I’ll take it! Appreciate all your input!

Your animal is a YB, without question.

The “checkering” along the flank/belly scale line, the flames, the pattern disruption, and the headstamp are all characteristic.


What about the speckling on the actual belly? The yellowbelly stuff I’ve produced I’ve never got speckling on the actual belly.

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The speckling on the belly is not uncommon in YBs, I have produced and seen plenty of single gene YB with it.

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Is this only in single gene? I’ve literally never hatched one with it. And am I missing the head stamp? Not seeing on on these pictures.

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It is most common in single gene, yes. Most of the YB combos are less prone to it because of whatever else is in the combo. Like Steel’s animal, it has a clean belly because both Fire and HGW are clean belly morphs and they are wiping away the YB check pattern.

Plug it in with the right dirty morph though and you get an enhanced expression. Acid YBs have a crazy black checked belly

It is subtle, but it is there:

stamp 1


Awesome explanation, thank you!

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