Morph ID help in pos chocolate/gravel

So a while back I got a GHI ball. Seller was great, snake is great, very happy overall. He was sold and bought as a straight GHI, but the seller admitted there was a possibility that the snake could also have chocolate or gravel in him. I don’t have the parents’ genetics and am not super familiar with chocolate or gravel so I was hoping to get a second opinion from someone (or multiple someones) who works with those genes and see what they think.


Definitely will need some other pictures of the snake to give an accurate input as to whether it has chocolate or gravel.

Try to get some photos on a solid background, with natural overcast lighting. Photos that close will make it hard to judge much of the snake. Also try to get some clean shots of the belly, to help with whether gravel is present.


Whatever he is he’s very pretty. I don’t know what morph is what by I myself love his coloring. He kind of looks like chocolate and caramel all wrapped into one beautiful boy!

Congratulations on getting him!

I have a female “normal” ball python that I purchased for $45.00 about a year and a half ago and she seems to get darker in color as time goes on. She is a great eater and an all around great beautiful little girl.

I said all that to say this and that is I think sometimes the “normal” anything is fading away and may be harder to get and therefore more sought after. I guess I have a warped imagination! Lol! Good luck with your new little beauty!