Morph Id HELP- Pavement Clutch

Help me out y’all!!
I’d like you opinion on what is causing the vibrant female and what would you label these siblings. Thank you, Chris
Pairing was Super Gravel Het Pied x Pastel Asphalt Yellow Belly GHI Enchi

This female doesn’t look like it’s siblings, she’s much brighter

This one is darker

These are the males




Wouldn’t that be the Pastel?

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What was the female bred with before? That last hatchling is not possible with this pairing.

Either this was a dual sire clutch or mom retained sperm.


There is no Pastel in any of these animals. Not sure there is Enchi or GHI either… :thinking: :thinking:

I concur, everything from the posted pairing should be a compound heterozygote (aka “heteroallelic Super”)


Was it a Pastel Asphalt OR Yellowbelly GHI Enchi?


I’m asking the breeder now. I feel there might be OD at play here. If you search OD Super Gravel. They nearly look exactly alike. I will let you know what I find out.

But the last hatchling is still not possible.
Can you provide any parent pics?

This was my assumption as well, when reading the post. As everyone’s pointed out, the last hatchling isn’t possible with that pairing

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I added parents to my post

Confirmed she was not with anything else.

I’m sorry folks I posted that last male in error. I have removed him from the post. It’s good to see everyone’s opinion. Thank you all!!

Dam is Ghi Enchi Pastel Freeway