Morph ID Help! (Photo Heavy)

So, my first clutch of nine is all out and shed, but now I’m starting to either get a little stumped or over question myself. The pairing was a Calibee Spotnose (het Orange Ghost) to a Butter (or at least, what was sold to me as a butter, but this clutch is a little odd). There’s definitely a lot going on with this clutch, but there are a few oddballs I can’t find reference photos to. [PHOTO HEAVY]


Baby 1 - Spider? Oddly long dorsal stripe, large, spotless windows

Baby 2 - Butter? They’ve copied the bone pattern on the back momma has, but almost definitely don’t look too buttery. I’m wondering if she’s not the butter she was sold as or something odd lol

Baby 3 - Calico Pastel? Odd grey smudge at the end of the tail

Baby 4 - Spider/Butter what have you; has a spidery headstamp but doesn’t act like a spider. Cream soda with bold blacks and clear windows.

Baby 5 - Calibee (Spotnose? Doesn’t look too exactly like the other Calibee that hatched). High whites, yellow down the back, typical drizzle with a few extra spots.

[From here on, despite the Calibee, I’m very lost for references]

Baby 6 - High whites, drizzle pattern fades off into gentle yellows, faint outlines of spots

Baby 7 - Less drizzle, more structuring forming partial windows that fades off into yellows, higher whites

Baby 8 - Calibee, looks like, yellow down the back drizzles and high whites. Lots of little pixel speckles, hehe.

Baby 9 - Almost identical to baby 6 but with busier back splashes, still creamy with hints of yellows, high whites, faint spots

Congrats if you made it to the end, but if you have any suggestions or snakes that look similar for a comparison for the babies or momma Chubs, it would be much appreciated!

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I think baby 2 may be a butter calico…there is a bit of white in the alien heads and calico would create a lesser expression butter

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5 through 9 seem to have spotnose as well…crazy lookimg clutch and age is gonna help big time IDing these

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Thanks @brozzo1011! Hopefully time will tell with the lighter few; might have to slap some pos. on those.

Looking at 4’s back pattern he might have spotnose as well…hard to differantiate the head pattern of spotnise and spider as they are kinda simular…such a crazy amount of contrast you have there…adds to the excitment for sure when its just as confusing outta the egg…Spotnose is my favorite head changing morph

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Man you guys are so much better at deciphering morphs than me I need to see a lot lot lot more snakes before I start popping them out lol.

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Spotnose and Spider is REALLY hard to differentiate in hatchlings cause it does a lot of the same thing in combos…I cant tell for sure but I could probably 75% em from pics…in person would be way easier especially a spider/spotnose clutch…and Spotnose is one of my top 5’s I sprinklr that shit on errythang


I think baby 3 is just a calico I don’t see pastel in the head but it could justcbe the angle of the pic…plus just str8 calicos look amazing outta the egg

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Could be butter calico…there is some wierd patterning goung on…spotnose usually always has a spot on the back of he head also…

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