Morph ID Help, Please

I just had my first 2 clutches hatch this year and the 2nd clutch is a bit harder than the first for me to identify. Any help would be appreciated!

Clutch #2: Pastel Pinstripe Leopard Red Stripe Yellowbelly x Cinnamon Red Stripe (bought as, but dont think she is RS).

Baby 1; Cinnamon YB

Baby 2; Pastel

Baby 3; Cinnamon RS?

Baby 4; Pinstripe YB and ?

Baby 5; Cinnamon Pinstripe Leopard RS

Baby 6; Pastel YB RS?

Baby 7; Pastel Pinstripe Cinnamon Leopard Yellowbelly possibly Red Stripe
(She’s my keeper)

Parents to the above babies:

Thank you for your help, or just looking!


Hey @reyvaughn! All the babies are really nice but your keeper baby is totally awesome! I’m not schooled in the “morphology” department but there are plenty of other people here who will help you with your ids. :blush::+1:


I believe you have:

  1. Cinny RS YB
  2. Pastel
  3. Cinny
  4. Pin RS poss YB
  5. Cinny Leo Pin RS
  6. Pastel YB
  7. Pewter Pin RS YB poss Leo

I would like to order a #7 please lol


Right? The odds were crazy low to get her! I just wanted a leopard RS to replace the dad. I wish she was a male, though… oh well!

Thanks, @t_h_wyman. I really thought #6,was RS with the extreme amount of blushing and the lack of pattern in the alien heads. But, thats why I’m here. I thought I knew and then I’d look at them again and second guess all of them. Except #7. Thats either a 5 or 6 gene animal. Now, is she paradox, or is that just the genes interaction causing light and dark spots?


They all look absolutely amazing!


Would you like fries :fries: with that? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


In my experience, the Pastel RS have a more block-like pattern to the laterals and a bit … stronger … look to the dorsal. I will grant that I have never made a Pastel RS YB so that might be tweaking my expectations

That is just the interaction of the combination with Pewter, Pin, and YB
Also, I want to note that I suspect you have het Pied floating around in there as well


Thank you for explaining!

Neither parent was bought as het pied/poss het, but the dam is poss/50% het ghost. I wondered, especially with 2 ringers in the clutch.