Morph ID Help x 2

Hello again!

Just looking for some help in identifying my other babies :slight_smile:

Olive 2

Can you post pictures of the 2nd gecko’s eyes? I want to say albino but I want to verify.

Without knowing anything about the parents, these are what they appear like to me. You’re going to get some subjective answers here.

#1 - normal/wild type with a bit of aberrant/jungle pattern
#3 - hypo high yellow

#2 looks really interesting. If the eyes are red as I think they will be, striped albino super hypo possible tangerine. I can’t tell you what line of albino. There are 3 and none of them are compatible.

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Here you go! You’re right :slight_smile:
They are solid red and much lighter red than they appear in photos.

Ah… That explains the white nose too. Looks like #2 is also an eclipse.