Morph ID help

Hi! Can someone please help me ID these two morphs please :slight_smile:


What species are they?

Not sure what that leo is, but the last one is a normal Chinese cave gecko. You do know it is a cave gecko, correct?


I didn’t, actually! It was posted on OfferUp just as a gecko. I was searching and searching for what type of Leo it was since I assumed it was, but nothing so I decided to post. Glad I did haha. Thanks!!

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Top is a leopard gecko and the bottom one is apparently a Chinese cave gecko

The leo looks to be a Hyper Xanthic Jungle Eclipse however @westridge would be more knowledgeable.
Edit: The leo might also have an albino strain

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The leopard gecko is not a Hyperxanthic, Jungle or Albino. No way to tell if it is eclipse without seeing the eyes. It might be a snow, no real way to tell what strain.


I was close at least. :slight_smile:

Make sure you don’t keep them the same way as a leo. They will die from the high heat, and need rather cool temps.


@ashleyraeanne is giving good advice so please follow it. The setups for both animals should be changed and they should be kept apart. leos can be territorial at times and are bigger than cave geckos so it could kill the cave gecko when it is larger. Also, please don’t ever buy on CL or offer up if you don’t know about the animal.


Cave Geckos also need a humid environment as opposed to a desert environment. As long as they are kept cool and humid, and fed high-quality supplemented insects, they are not difficult.