Morph ID help

This little one just made its way out of the egg, and I’m a little unsure of the combo going on here. Pairing was Vanilla Bumblebee het Clown x Clown (pos blade). Doesn’t look like any bumblebee I’ve seen before. Any help would be appreciated


Bumblebee Vanilla

Looks like a Vanilla Bumblebee to me. I don’t think it has blade because blade with spider usually adds a strong dorsal stripe, and I don’t see that with her. Beautiful snake!

My next question is, my female laid 7 eggs, and not a single one was a clown. If she lays another clutch in a year or two and has no clowns in a second clutch, would it be safe to say she isn’t het clown like I was told? I’m assuming 7 eggs isn’t enough to say yes or no.

Thanks. It’s definitely a looker.

Thanks for your help.