Morph ID help

Hey everyone, Ive got this Boa and I honestly have no clue what he is morph wise. I can not seem to put my finger on what he is, or actually find any other boa similar to him currently. Ive asked a few other local breeders and they all seem to think he is possibly a cross between bci/bcc based on the saddles but were not sure.
Just curious if anyone has seen any other boas like him that might have an idea. Ive had the idea of pairing him to one of our normal females just to see what comes out in efforts of that helping with identifying him.

I apologize, some photos are terrible some are decent. My phone is currently on the fritz and doesnt know what it wants to do.

Thank you everyone.


Yeah it is a normal BI to me.


That was my other thought, Just a normal with unique saddles. He is definitely the oddest and most unique in my collection.

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