Morph? ID on Leos

New to Leos and would like to know what exactly I have if possible.


Second one could be stripe but not 100%, and the top I’m not sure @mblaney could help

Welcome! Firstly- leos are terrestrial and you have baby geckos. They should be held very carefully, with both hands, especially over hard surfaces.They are also too young to 100% call the gender on yet, so make sure you are ready to house them separately if needed. Two adult males will eventually kill one another.

If you are new to leos, it would probably help to read a bunch of caresheets, so you can get perspectives from multiple sources. Please click here for a list I have previously put together:

In terms of morph, both are pretty young and not unlikely to change pattern significantly. Click link to see example.

So any description I give now may not be accurate. Your best guess would be to see pics of both parents.

But since most people want descriptions as juvies anyways, I’ll give them. Just realize that the accuracy of the labels is likely to change over time.

First one- Possibly has retained shed on its toes on left front- make sure that’s taken care of of toes can die and fall off. This one could be called a super hypo. I can’t tell if it is jungle or aberrant because you didn’t include the tail. The color label right now would be ‘normal’ or ‘high yellow,’ (an older term) if you want. Others may incorrectly tell you that it’s a SHCTB, but the ‘CTB’ part doesn’t fit your little one.

Second one- a little underweight and quite dehydrated is the important part. Since you have stated you are new to leos, you have two babies, and one doesn’t look so hot, I’d recommend an introductory vet visit to your local herp specialist vet. You will see resources to help you find an appropriate vet at the link I added for caresheets. Dog/cat or large animal vets are not qualified. I am a dog/cat vet, so I’m in a good position to judge that. In terms of appearance, I’d call it a jungle normal.


My girls almost 5 months later and the start of bio active terrarium. Yes they are housed together. They were bought housed together but I separated them like all care sheets said and Elide(dark one) would not eat or come out of the hide while Baba(yellow one) was growing wonderfully I made the choice to buy one big terrarium to join them and see if that helped and Elide started following Baba’s lead and we are starting to get her weight back on her. Any advice on separating them once she gets her weight back on her? Thanks for all the help.