Morph ID Question

This is Honey. I rescued her about a year ago, and I was just wondering if anyone could possibly ID what she is? I’ve asked a reptile group on fb but no one could identify her.


Hi and welcome to the community :slight_smile:
I just wanted to welcome you, But I will have a go.
Others more experienced than me will help, but as a guess I would say banana calico + something maybe genetic stripe.
Honestly, its an odd one. Some banana genetic stripe cinnamon looks similar, or even Banana Pinstripe Confusion but no idea rearly.

You might have to bred it out to know for sure.

But wait to see what others more experienced than me have to say. Just a guess for fun as I said.

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I’m no ID expert but it has a banana champagne look to it. @saleengrinch can help as will others.

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I have a normal male that she will be paired with when they’re both ready for breeding, just to see. Someone in another group mentioned paradox because of the black spotting. Aside from those like 4? She doesn’t have any other freckling which is why I wasn’t thinking banana, but im not sure. Thanks for the welcome!

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How big or old is she? that would make a difference to appearance.

So when I rescued her, the pervious owner couldn’t tell me anything about her so I don’t know her age, just that she’s about 3.5-4 feet at the moment.

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Well the size at least tells something. A banana of that size would usually have plenty of black speckles unless it was a super banana or had a speckle reducing other morph in it.
Also that size would affect and change colouration for many other morphs and combos.
That info will help the experienced members identify it.

I know your problem, I have two rescues. The bottom line is only breeding will tell me for sure what morphs are in them.
Give it a little time and you will get better advice here.

I appreciate the input you’ve provided either way!

I will mention though, she does have a slight wobble and corkscrews a lot. I don’t know whether that is a neurological issue due to her prior poor conditions, or if she possibly has the spider gene. I don’t see spider visually though.

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Spider + corkscrew would also explain the white lower flank more than calico. But even if that’s the case, there is more going on.
Any help people ? @saleengrinch @lumpy and all you other peps i respect. lets not bother t_h
we can do it.

The white lower flank and the “pixel-ing” (as I call it) into the yellow is the only other reason I’d say spider :joy: just because you see that typically on spider morphs

You have better pictures of it? On a solid background? Definitely looks spider no champagne.


This is why i rely on the experts👍

I think it’s coral glow spider going by these pictures. And in my opinion doesn’t appear to have calico. Spiders can be super high white but the white is to “clean” to lead to a calico id in my personal opinion. Neat looking animal in my opinion! Also the speckling is from the coral glow it’s not paradoxing in that sense.


I’ll try to get better pictures of her when I get home from work today!

These are the best photos I could get of her

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Yeah, I am seeing banana spider too.

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From the top I can definitely see Spider. And of course Banana. I recently bought a Champagne Black Pastel Hypo and if she also had Banana and Spider she would look like this. The patterns are the same with a light, solid, poorly defined dorsal stripe followed by a dark stripe (particularly around the neck with your snake) and then lighter again. The washed out eye stripes are also very similar.


I am going out on a limb but my vote is Champagne Banana Spider Black Pastel and, because of the paleness of the head, Hypo.🙃
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That is not hypo or champagne the eye stripes(color and definition)are a dead giveaway.
Hypo champagne is a combo I’m very familiar with. And champagne spider tends to be lethal.

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Just a guess here, since I’m not too familiar with how having multiple genes can affect patterns- but just going back to search Banana Spider for visual comparisons, visually speaking wouldn’t she have more of a pattern like these? Unless there are more genetics at play. (Reference Image 1) vs what I think she visually resembles more(reference image 2) which is a Banana Spinnerblast

Look at yours then look at the spinner blast I just don’t see pinstripe in yours.

Yours don’t have the “bars” maybe pastel but pastel in coral glow is hard for me to judge in pictures personally. Much easier to id in person and with clutch mates for comparison lol

Your gal is more smooth and clean like this one if that makes sense

The other spider examples aren’t that big so they will fade a bit. Your gal is older and has more adult coloration.

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