Morph ID request for 2 males

Hello all,

I’ve just taken in 2 male ball pythons from an owner who wanted them to have better care. They were unsure of the snakes’ morphs. I’m no expert either, so I was hoping the community would have some ideas. Yellow one has some scarring from its last home, where it escaped and was injured by cats around a year ago. Some stuck shed and eyecaps on both as well, working on fixing that. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Thinking maybe lesser or mojave for the left? Stumped with the smaller one.


I’d say the darker one is a Butter/Lesser, maybe with pastel, and that the lighter one is a Banana Killer Bee.


I agree with both of these. I don’t think the Butter/Lesser has pastel because (I think) the pastel would widen the alien heads more than they already are and lighten the color a little bit.


Appreciate the replies!

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