Morph Identification For 3 Year Old Boa

Hi! I took this boa a couple of months ago from someone who didn’t like feeding her. They haven’t kept any papers or records about her morph, but they got her from a show. I’d love to know what her morph is! I’ve sort of suspected she’s either a jungle or a hypo.


Hard to tell from the pics but possibly a Nicaraguan boa BI

oh, she’s a red tail for sure! she’s about 6feet long at the moment. im just curious to know what her morph is

Red tail is a broad term. BI or BC, definitely BI. Id suggest pictures of the full snake so its easy for others to ID. Welcome to the forum, lots of knowledgeable people here to help.

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It’s a hypo BCI for sure. Could also have Hog Island boa in it. There is a lot of speckling on it’s side’s that reminds me of Hog Island boas.


I can definitely see the hogg island resemblance


Hypo BI, possible Hog Island influence. Not considered a true Red-Tail.


thank you guys!

This is an old pic of a male i produced years ago. He is just a BI hypo het albino. He has the same type of saddles yours does.